5 thoughts on “Our Online Meetings

  1. Kristi

    I need to do one or two online aa meetings per week how do I get proof when I do attend online meetings the I’m in IOP at lake Geauga recovery services and they told me I can do online meetings I do need proof though how do so this

  2. Sarah B.

    Hello, Kristi, and welcome!

    I am Sarah, a member of the NoNameYet A.A. Fellowship Group. We are a group of recovered alcoholics who meet online “formally” once per week, on Mon. evenings beginning at 7:00 p.m. Central Time. You are welcomed to browse our site any time, and any time you would like to chat one-on-one in our Guest/Open Chat room, simply e-mail me at the address by which I have written to you privately as well, and we can work out a time.

    For online verification, below is some information taken directly from this site:

    Guest & Visitor Open Chat
    Click here for NoNameYet Open A.A. Chat.
    Long version of that same link: Open A.A. Chat
    — Chatroll Sign-In required for chatting, but not for viewing —

    Online A.A. Meeting Attendance Confirmation Or Verification
    If you might need verification of meeting attendance, we will gladly
    send an e-mail to wherever you would like to have it sent. For example:

    >> From: nonameyet.members@gmail.com <> To whom it may concern: This is to confirm [your name here] <> was in attendance at our NoNameYet A.A. meeting on [date]. <<

    Contact Us

    note: We never discuss you or anything about you with any counselor, probation officer, judge, family member or anyone else. Rather, just let us know where to send the above verification.

    What is NoNameYet A.A. all about?

    The first thing we who have recovered do is to share with you our own past experience with these following hard facts about ourselves and our alcoholism as we A.A.s understand it:

    1. We had become powerless over alcohol — we had lost all control — while drinking;
    2. We had become just as powerless over alcohol — we could not stay sober — while sober;
    3. We finally realized no human power — neither ourselves nor any other human being, counselor, minister, priest or whomever — could ever have provided us with permanent recovery from chronic alcoholism;
    4. “Go see God [as you understand God]” had become our only hope just as Dr. Carl Jung had first suggested to the very earliest of A.A. members.

    Write to me any time at all, and we can “talk” via email, or we can coordinate a chat room time.

    All the best to you, and hope to “see” you in Chat some time soon!

    Sarah B.
    NoNameYet A.A. member (recovered since 1991)

  3. rachaelwake13

    Hi, this will be my first time having to attend meetings like this. I know that your meetings are held online and there are ways to get proof of attendance. I was just wondering if there was a way I needed to register or how that works. Thanks

  4. Sarah B.

    Hi, Rachel. I’ve emailed you privately via our “contact us” feature, our NoNameYet Group email account…you’ll find sign-in instructions and meeting times in provided there. Hope to see you soon in one of our open discussion chat-style meetings!

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