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17 thoughts on “Guest & Visitor Open Chat

  1. JoeO

    Welcome, Emily!

    1. Stop trying to stop drinking;
    2. Pray to God as you understand God and ask for His will and direction in your life;
    3. Take the Steps freely shared in “Alcoholics Anonymous”, the book;
    4. Share with others what you learn about yourself and your relations to others and our Maker in our new-found manner of right fellowship and worship!

  2. Kim


    I am looking for someone to guide me through the 12 steps online as the nearest aa meeting is 5 hours away. I have recently relapsed and I have manged to stay sober for the last six days. I have to be honest it has not been a very easy 6 days. I have been feeling extremely guilty, I have got literature like the fourth edition of the big book, the book twelve steps and twelve traditions, daily reflections. I am reading at the moment the chapter the doctors option and am reading the daily reflections in the mornings. I know I have to work the 12 steps but I do not know how at the moment. .

  3. Sarah Post author

    Hi, Kim.

    Sobriety is what makes an alcoholic feel the need for some sort of relief and/or solution, and we do offer that solution. It is natural to not know how to go about proceeding — none of us knew how — so please know there is help available!

    Here among us, we can certainly show you how to take the Steps, if upon examining Steps One and Two, you determine that is what you need and want to do. Consider the idea of *taking* the Steps — leave behind the idea of working them. Working them implies we are still toiling under our own ideas of how to get well using our own (human) power, which we come to understand we completely lack, for a self-determined objective or aim…*taking* the Steps is the act of accepting the new design for living and then being shown how to do so. This takes place once we have completely given up using/trying any of our own methods, and we are now “taking” that which is provided for us in order to get well as we walk the path with those of us who are doing and have done the same.

  4. Dolly

    Hi Kim iit seems like we are in a similar boat. Let’s continue on from here. I’m trying not to sabatoge myself and stay close to people with an answer.

  5. Dolly

    This is about the most straight forward answer one could get.
    I will copy this down and continue on and be happy to share it.
    Looking at step 3 now. It’s obvious it is better not to wait to do the steps. Definitey want to take step 3 with someone. Don’t want to let up on the steps as I’m ready now. It’s been 16 days. Yes and the goose hangs high I don’t want to lose this gift of an opportunity. to have a life….And I don’t want to return to that hell. Thanks Joe for being online and for being generous with your time and experience. Dolly

  6. Jeff

    My name is Jeff & I am an alcoholic. I have 17 days will be 18 tonight. About 4 yrs ago I had 6 yrs. Been struggling ever since. I’m retired & travel with my wife of 30+yrs.

  7. JoeO

    Hi, Jeff, and welcome to our site. We can help you figure out what happened and we can show you how we have truly recovered…and we are talking about something far beyond and much more effective than trying to “Don’t drink, one-day-at-a-time.” If we could “Don’t drink”, there would be no need for A.A. And so, it is at Step One that we stop trying to do what we cannot — Give up the fight — and then take the remainder of the Steps to have our problem removed.

  8. Dolly

    Hi Jeff ……I hope and pray you recover from this deadly illness. There are a couple of people in this group….. and apparently they have stayed sober. Surely if we do what they have done we will also recover. You are not alone!

  9. Scott smith

    I am trying to convince myself that I have to stop forever. I keep getting 2-3 days sober and then I crash. I am reluctant to get too involved in as because I do not want to explain it to my 8 year old. If I tell him I am an alcoholic and then go back out. He will be confused and or disappointed in me. I am disappointed in myself. Have one as friend that beats me down rather than pump me up. Can I get enough support online to skip out on meetings?

  10. JoeO

    Hi Scott. Becoming convinced we must stop altogether and forever is typically a conclusion we draw because we cannot guarantee control over our drinking while drinking. As someone had first observed many centuries ago:

    “First the drinker take a drink,” << an intellectual-emotional desire or obsession for the effect of alcohol
    “Then the drink takes a drink,” << caused by some abnormal body chemistry over which we have no mental control
    Then drink takes the drinker.” << early grave or "wet brain" (Organic Brain Syndrome) similar to syphilitic insanity
    Logic (as well as much of Today’s AA) suggests “Don’t take the first drink, one-day-at-a-time, and you cannot end up drunk”, but very few people ever actually stay sober that way. Instead, most just “Don’t take the first drink, one-day-at-a-time” until they end up drunk again…and then rinse-and-repeat until dead.
    Meetings can be optional as long as the Steps are taken, and we happen to be one of the few remaining groups that can show you how you can permanently recover from chronic alcoholism.

  11. Glenda

    Hi, I am new here. I am a student and doing research for class. I’m not an alcoholic, but my dad was. I don’t perceive to know the struggles that one goes through with an addiction. I do know this, I am a great listener. Thank you, Glenda

  12. sharon

    Hi Glenda, there are some really good people that can give you great info. Have you looked around the website? I am new. My sobriety date is 7/22/17. This is my 2nd time around. I relapsed and went downhill fast!

  13. sharon

    Most certain my first time with the real A.A. This is why I am feeling so good! I sure dind’t feel like this my “first” time around!

  14. Venessa

    My name is Venessa. I took what I want to be my last drink on the 16th so I’m on day 3. I’ve become a very angry drinker and took it to far.

  15. JoeO

    Hi, Vanessa. Anger has been a problem for many of us in the past, and that included drinking for relief of the pain we felt over people, places, things and situations that had made us angry. The Twelve Steps are our program of recovery where we learn new attitudes and actions in relation to everyone and everything around us in order to grow away from the need for the effect of alcohol. If you would like to know more about that and if you might want some help in understanding and doing what we have done, please know you are welcomed to send us an e-mail.

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