Spared from twist and garble

“We wrote the book (“Alcoholics Anonymous“) to keep our message from becoming garbled and twisted beyond recognition.” – Bill W. and Dr. Bob in “A.A. Comes of Age“, page 144

“The Big Book is the practical exposition of the original of The Almighty, and our pages here are the practical exposition of the Big Book since all the information keeps getting ‘lost’ and having to be clarified once again.”– Sarah B.

We have said there is nothing about our NoNameYet Fellowship group making us much different than any other A.A. group, but we do realize our group actually is different than possibly most groups in today’s AA.  For example: You will never hear us suggest anything such as “Don’t drink, one-day-at-a-time”, and neither do we offer “support” for people trying to stay sober that way.  Instead, we share and suggest taking *all* of Step One (including our admission and acceptance of our being just as powerlessness over alcohol while sober as while drinking), and then we share and suggest also *taking* the remainder of the Steps as presented in our Basic Text in order to permanently recover rather than “working” them in one’s own seeming “self-help” or utilitarian kind of way. Some members of our group certainly did hear “Don’t drink” before coming into contact with us, then they began understanding the original A.A. is about giving up the fight — quit trying to quit — and simply taking the Steps to have our problem removed. If you might be someone who has repeatedly tried to “Don’t drink, one-day-at-a-time” (either with or without “support”) and still ended up drinking again every time, we hope the things we share here at our site will help you escape the twist and garble — read the book to know the difference — that is killing you one-drunk-at-a-time.

2 thoughts on “Spared from twist and garble

  1. Sarah B.

    Hi Eddie, and thanks for writing. Yes, indeed, that is so very true of any message that does not hit on the two characteristics of our illness (chronic alcoholism), their hopelessness, and a/the solution that does not include God (as you understand God) as our source of Power that we do not posses.

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