haters lose

Even when we thought we might have had some kind of dubious right to be angry and resent, this truth we have since learned at Step Four yet remained a fact:

“Those who hate (hurt) you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” (Richard M. Nixon)

2 thoughts on “haters lose

  1. sharon

    my name is sharon and i am alcololic.. I am only on step 1 (the second time around) but this is tough one for me

  2. Sarah B.

    Step One is about acknowledging from experience the reality that we cannot drink safely and we cannot manage ourselves and our lives into anything but the next drink and its certain drunk. If you get drunk once you take alcohol into your system whether you meant to or not, and you return to drinking over and over even though you’ve “sworn off” countless times, as I had for years, and you are aware that the person you are will continue in this cycle of ready to quit/need relief/try to have “just one or two to take the edge off”/end up drunk anyway/emerge remorseful with a firm resolution to not drink again/need relief/get drunk and on and on, you have taken Step One. Step One requires no quitting (since we who are alcoholic are incapable of doing so) and no action…simply the admission that the person I am (if I am not recovered) will drink again and there is nothing I can do about it.

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